Business Game "szerealis ltd."

Szerealis Ltd. is a behavioural based business game developed by meta | five which provides participants with the opportunity to experience the connection between strategic decisions and their implementation.

Within a 2 day event the participants work in teams on a complex problem based on a simulated, realistic corporate setting. Together they analyse the initial situation and common a strategy.  Based on that the participants agree on an approach to achieve the objective.  In a second step they implement the approach through interaction with key partner whom they need to convince of their plan.

Meta | five’s facilitators act as role-players to illustrate the different stakeholder interests and needs. At the same time they act as consultants to support the participants on their way. Additionally they facilitate the reflection process of the team according to the principles of action learning. Both the individual behaviour as well as the cooperation of the team are part of the reflection to solve the problem.

The flexible course of the business game provides the opportunity for the participants to adapt their approach according to the insights gained during the reflection. They can optimize it based on their own experiences and need to cope with the consequences of their actions. Each participant is able to learn through their individual comprehension, benefits from shared findings and the knowledge of other team members.


The transfer of learnings is enhanced implicitly through the realistic design, the continuous reflection process and explicitly through a dedicated reflection session at the end. Especially employees who not yet have a clear understanding of corporate interdependencies, such as new leaders, will be able to gain valuable new experiences through Szerealis Ltd. in a protected setting. Therefore meta | five’s business game is an excellent module for development programmes but can as well be used as a stand-alone training solution


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Consultation on the use of Szerealis Ltd.
  • Qualification of internal facilitators
  • Facilitation of the business game
  • Integration of the business game in your development programme
  • Quality assurance and evaluation of your event

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