Consulting Services

meta | five supports its clients to optimize their Human Performance.

Our projects aim to derive actionable strategies from visions and to promote and ensure their communication and actual implementation using high-quality tools.

At that it is important to us to always support our customers in the right place, in the right manner and to a reasonable extent, to achieve our common goal. Accordingly, all of our projects consider the five phases of analysis, design, implementation, execution and evaluation.

In order to support our customers in line with their demands, we offer a wide range of products and consulting. Thus our services range from full support in the design and implementation of a organisational development concept, to the introduction of strategic HR processes, such as a performance management to the implementation and monitoring of a global online feedback to snapshots of the atmosphere in one part of the enterprise by means of pulse check through to individual development measures, such as coaching.

The tools we use are tried and tested and consider the state-of-the-art. Our online-based survey-platforms for instance are developed exclusively in-house and meet highest security standards, while our Assessment Centers adhere to common quality criteria, as they are also held in the ISO 10667 and DIN 33430. We use modern technologies and virtual platforms consciously with regard to the desired targets and in consideration of the existing framework conditions of our customers.

Based on our core competencies in the areas of feedback, survey processes, diagnostics and development activities, we continuously develop new solutions along the questions of our customers. In order to quickly professionalise the virtual implementation of Assessment Centers, we have used our know-how in the field of surveys to create meta | companion, a platform that facilitates the organisation and evaluation of virtual Assessments. Specific requirements in everyday life have motivated us to invent the Peripety Assessment® as a new challenge for AC connoisseurs and people who are required to take quick decisions in complex situations. Last but not least the theoretical construct of the five dimensions of a learning organization inspired us to develop our own model: Our competency dictionary meta | competencies describes performance-relevant competencies and has been validated in terms of its predictive power for innovation and efficiency in cooperation with the University of Cologne.

In this way, we are constantly expanding our pool of best practice solutions that we can offer our customers cost effectively or use as a basis for the development of tailored solutions. In combination with our experience and expertise as consultants, we thus always strive for the optimal solution for our customers.