About us

Our success and that of our customers is based on the commitment and contribution of each individual team member. Our interdisciplinary approach, the passion for our work and the joy of cooperation ensure that the sum is always more than its parts.

As company that has been growing organically, we consider it important to adapt our internal structures continuously, to secure not only our flexibility, but also our efficiency. Thus our line organisation with the two core teams online solutions and consulting, as well as the separate office management is deducted from our core competencies. With regard to the personal resources of each individual and the concrete requirements of our projects we blend different project teams, with focus on psychology, business administration or information technology. For specific questions, we supplement our internal competence portfolio deliberately through external colleaguesfrom our network. Our partnership allows us to optimally integrate the different perspectives in our consulting work and to generate tailor-made solution scenarios. Here, all our consultants communicate in multiple languages and feel at home at least in German and English.

For the cooperation with each other as well as with our customers we use various instruments for virtual cooperation in a target-oriented and routine way. In addition to professional cooperation in supportive structures we see the personal interaction of all team members as an essential foundation of a trusting teamwork. This we foster not only during our annual Staff Days, but also during mid-day Tip-Kick, at the virtual check-in every morning or a barbecue on our Rhine-Terrace and time and again in between with lots of fun at work.

Marlene Busch

I take great pleasure in developing custom-fit solutions in creative exchange that take into account different perspectives and contexts, can be implemented pragmatically and are effective in the long term.

Thomas Flock

'Jeder Jeck ist anders' –  this Cologne wisdom also applies to organizations and encourages me to find and implement the best possible solution in feedback and survey projects in each case.

Kisten Wallmichrath

I like to identify degrees of freedom and to elaborate alternatives with my clients that suit them. That gives me just as much pleasure today as it did over 20 years ago.

Lars Matthäus

For me, software is a powerful tool to support people. That's why we design all of our online products with full focus on the user.

Anna Brychcy

Quick recognition of potential combined with appreciative interventions is what sets me apart. I support my clients in discovering unexpected strengths and new perspectives.

Tim Neymanns

An open and cooperative partnership with the customer is not only motivation for me, but the decisive factor for the joint success of a project.

Patrick Malek

An appreciative and transparent cooperation on equal terms is the basis for me to find customer-oriented and individual as well as pragmatic solutions.

Julian Litsch

For me, organizational development means focusing on interpersonal relationships. My incentive is to establish holistic solutions in an appreciative atmosphere.

Andreas Zago

Good design is a combination of craftsmanship and technical knowledge. And a little talent. And I bring these qualities to bear to make our content beautiful and understandable.

Barbara Kocjan

As Office Manager, I make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and support the team in administrative matters. Both colleagues and customers appreciate my helpful and cheerful nature.

Andreas Kleine

A long time ago I turned my hobby into my profession. And today I enjoy supporting meta-five in the implementation of their technical challenges.

Daniel Berghaus

My passion is the conception and support of personnel development formats that work at least as well in the virtual world as in the 'real world'.

Marie-Sophie Schlieper

As a psychologist, I am enthusiastic about supporting people in recognizing their abilities and developing their potential, in order to fulfill the expectations of our customers in the long term.

Lucas Weihrauch

Since the beginning of my studies, I have been fascinated by the possibilities of psychological diagnostics. I am convinced that your skillful commitment will lead to the best possible results in personnel selection and development.

Matthias Malzkorn

My goal is to work with the customer to find tailor-made and needs-based solutions that make both sides happy. Cooperation should always be based on mutual respect and appreciation.

Michael Touet

I have been accompanying development processes in and by companies for over 20 years. It is important to me to be perceived as a professional and reliable partner with whom one is happy to set out.

Neele Kahmann

The further development of people and organizations drives me. I enjoy bringing different demands and needs together in a targeted manner in a common solution.

Janik Schönfeld

I am a friend of positive change with meaning in the corporate context. With meta | five, I am actively working to enable our customers to have a better working culture and atmosphere in the future.

Lucas Heller

I have always enjoyed supporting people in their development. When working together, my open nature and the psychological approach help me to find optimization potential for the customer.

Svenja Schreiber

As the heart of the company, we as office management are immediately on the spot. Through my organizational skills and my affinity for numbers, all personnel-related and accounting tasks are completed in no time at all.

Judith Wegener

I enjoy accompanying others in their development. In doing so, I do not shy away from addressing things that have not been said before and critical issues. Learning with me can be fun and at the same time irritating.

Arlette Kohler

I am fascinated by changes and the effects they have on people and organizations. My passion is to increase effectiveness through clarity and to shape the future in organizations.

Kai Woll

I support people and organizations in courageously finding their own solution, and I proceed very clearly - absolutely open, appreciative and honest.

Edith Beilner

I am enthusiastic about accompanying companies on their way into the future. I enjoy creating relationships and supporting others in their development with an appreciative look.

Saskia Rickmeier

Success and satisfaction also come from setting the right question marks. And so I support you in asking essential questions and finding individual, effective answers.

Robert Marlinghaus

Learning and change often happens outside of the comfort zone. I like to help people courageously try out new paths, trusting their own abilities.

Martina Weber

I enjoy opening up new and unusual perspectives, appreciatively challenging my counterpart and untying knots together. A different perspective or a new idea often helps to leave the usual path of thought and to be able to take the next step.

Alfredo Brizzolara

I find it extremely meaningful to support people and organizations in developing their potential and implementing it responsibly in their everyday lives.

Mathias Koslowski-Puls

Following one of the principles of the agile manifesto - build projects around motivated individuals - I look for opportunities to combine a person's potential with design options for a task.

Harald Hildwein

I support you with empathy, experience and competence on the way to more clarity and understanding for yourself and others.