Peripety Assessment®

With the Peripety Assessment® meta | five developed an innovative and dynamic form of the classical Assessment Center, in which each participant selects the content and flow of his assessment mostly self-determined.

Through this increased freedom of action, the observation within the Peripety Assessment® also includes decision-making behavior, problem solving skills and goal-directed action orientation of the participant. Thus, the method is particularly suitable for target groups, whose current or future work reality calls for self-responsibility and decision-making skills, e.g. members of the middle and upper management level.

In a Peripety Assessment® participants receive a complex situation description that defines the broad framework of operations and contains explicit and implicit calls for action. On this basis, each participant decides, which topics he aims to address, in what way he wants complete them and with which people he plans to interact. Then he puts his planned approach into a sequences of interfaces with professional role players from meta | five. The option to adjust his plan at any time, allows each participant to respond more flexible to upcoming situations.


The increased freedom of action and situational complexity within the Peripety Assessments® maximizes additionally the relation to reality. This provides two key advantages from the perspective of both your company and the participant:

The validity of the results – especially for target positions where a high degree of personal responsibility and decision-making skills is critical for success.

The acceptance of the results – this increases the willingness to accept resulting feedback and to use this feedback in a constructive way.


„...Peripety Assessment® im Prozess der Führungsnachwuchs-kräfteentwicklung. Wir schätzen an meta | five die Kombination aus modernen, methodisch fundierten Instrumenten und der kompetenten individuellen Beratung...“

GOPA Group, Head of Human Resources & Recruitment

„Zur Beurteilung der fachlichen und kulturellen Persönlichkeit von Kandidaten für Seniormanagement Positionen auf regionaler sowie globaler Ebene haben wir uns für die Durchführung von individuellen Assessment Centern nach dem Peripety Assessment® Konzept entschlossen...“

CYBEX GmbH, Recruitment Senior Management

„Das Logistik-Unternehmen TNT Express besetzt Positionen im oberen Management mithilfe von Peripety-Assessments einer neuen, dynamischen und komplexen Variante der Assessment Center-Methode."

Peripety Assessments in der Praxis: Spontaneität und Dy­namik gefragt