Team Feedback

team360 is a tool developed by meta | five for the support, structuring and dynamisation of team development. The established human resource development method “360 degree feedback” is applied for the special features of teams. It includes a self-assessment of the team as well as external assessment of working partners. Thus, strengths, development areas and –progress of teams can be captured specifically.

The team performance questionnaire includes success-relevant issues of teamwork and collects work-relevant behavioural patterns of the team. The result is summarised in a report with a comparison of self- and external perception, which is used to derive recommendations for the development of the team. team360 is currently available in German and English, is web-based and therefore, it is immediately ready without further technical installation.

A 360° team feedback delivers in every phase of the team building process valuable information on the perceived level of cooperation and potential areas of improvement.

The specific comparison of the teams internal perception with the external perception, illustrates team dynamic and provides new impulses for further development and helps to achieve the next team phase faster. team360 can therefore also be used with already existing teams as well as for the establishment of new teams.