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In the course of an advancing digitalization of the corporate world, various processes, such as requirements for the conduct of Assessment Centres, are changing. meta I five offers a virtual companion for ACs, meta | companion®. Via meta I companion you are able to provide every person involved in the AC with an individual personal online account that helps to retrieve information, support the conduct of exercises and view result reports.

On the basis of the well-proven platform meta I tools designed by meta I five, we create a customized company account aligned with the company´s colour scheme. Various Roles within an AC are appropriately pictured via the differentiated roles and rights concept. meta | companion® assists participants and observers with specific functions. We continually update the technology and guarantee to meet the latest standards of IT security and EU-GDPR data protection.

Through an e-mail invitation participants and observers receive their access data for a personal online account. Via this account, meta | companion® offers appropriate virtual assistance for all steps of AC processes reaching from preparation over implementation to follow-ups of the AC.

Existing AC processes do not have to be fundamentally changed but are complemented by virtual support. Using meta | companion® well-proven ACs reach a digital level and become more professional via goal-oriented virtual additions. This also leads to a more modern perception of your company.


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Design of personal accounts for every person included in the AC with a differentiated roles and rights concept
  • Automatically controlled distribution of specific information materials, preparation materials and background stories based on deposited schedules
  • Possibility of self-assessment prior to the AC
  • Integration of standardized pre-tests
  • Retrieval of practice documents directly from personal accounts
  • Access to evaluation lists for observers
  • Direct input of observations by observers via input mask in the personal account
  • Scheduled distribution of exercise materials
  • Distribution of result reports directly via personal account of the participant
  • Preparation and distribution of overall evaluation
  • Appointment coordination for implementation of developmentally feedback dialogues directly through the online tool
  • Quality management via automatized online evaluation survey
  • EU-GDPR conform with highest IT security standards

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