Online Solutions

Standard module feedback

With meta | 360 best practice meta | five provides a technically and substantively sophisticated state-of-the-art solution for the realization of online-based 360 degree feedbacks: developed from the experience of over 80,000 feedback process in national and international companies across a diverse range of industries and ready to use for your specific application.

The contentual basis of meta | 360 best practice is a multilingual, best practice questionnaire, which is based on the meta |five competency dictionary meta | competencies. Thus, the questionnaire captures competencies and items that are relevant to success in a structured approach, according to our scientific knowledge and consulting experience:

Feedback collection via meta | 360 best practice follows an established process flow: all feedback participants receive an automated email invitation provided by the online platform meta | 360 containing i.a. individual access data. The feedback survey including self-assessment and outside appraisal is solely deducted online. Once the survey process is finished meta | 360 enables an automated thus immediate generation of individual feedback reports - geared to the needs of the feedback recipient combining an excellent information content with simple traceability.


Further advantages of meta | 360 best practice are:

  • Web-based: available without any restriction in time or location
  • Participant-specific selection of competences (dimensions) and perspectives
  • Minimal technical requirements as well as a user-friendly design
  • Intelligent reminder management
  • High anonymity and data security standards
  • meta | five support hotline for all feedback participants