Development Center

The focus of a Development Center lies on initiating and sustainably supporting the development of internal staff. Thus, individual strengths and development potential related to possible future tasks and objectives are identified and first steps of a development process are introduced.

Based on the Assessment Center method, the Development Center captures the participants' behaviour in realistic simulation exercises with regard to development- and future-oriented criteria. Depending on your goals and general framework, additional diagnostic tools, workshop sequences, interims feedback and immediate learning opportunities can be added. Thus it is possible to enhance the Development Center through elements taken from the Orientation Center or the Learning Potential Assessment.

When conducting Development Centers meta | five puts great importance to creating an open and constructive atmosphere since it encourages the participants to actively work on their development.  This simultaneously allows for an observation of the broadest range of realistic behaviour possible and subsequently differential diagnostics that gives consideration to each participant and the organization's requirements.

As a result, a Development Center promotes clarity on desired development objectives and the way to achieve them, for the organisation just as well as for the participants. This enables an open and constructive dialogue on development perspectives, strengthens the responsibility of the participants for their own development and ultimately increases employee retention.

The transparently edited results make it easier for line mangers to use the findings from the Development Center and to specifically support the development of their direct reports. Moderated development discussions to derive a development plan, taking into account those findings and observations from everyday working life, form a perfect starting point to this. The same applies if the Development Center is embedded into existing processes such as Talent Management or Development Programmes.

„...Die Besonderheit dabei ist, dass es den systemischen Gedanken unserer Entwicklungsprogramme für bestehende und angehende Führungskräfte bereits in der Auswahl der Teilnehmenden verankert...“

Samsung Electronics GmbH, Learning & Development Human Resources

„Mit meta | five haben wir für unsere internationale Talententwicklung einen flexiblen, innovativen und interkulturell kompetenten Partner gefunden, der uns mit maßgeschneiderten Development Centern unterstützt hat...“

Festo AG & Co. KG, Talent and Organisation Development

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