About us

Consulting Profile

meta | five works together with its customers to set excellent standards in the field of human performance, in order to provide consistent, long-term support for their overall performance. Therefore we accompany you as a partner, project-related or across projects, and feel responsible for the sustainable effectiveness of our solutions.

We think and work systemically. To recognise and appreciate a company and its environment as a system means for our consulting services to reflect on relationships and interdependencies, to start the implementation of solutions, where your organization stands and make use of existing resources.

The people in an organisation we consider as those who characterize a company and secure its long-term success. For our work, this means that we take into account different perspectives and consistently strive to provide an organizational framework in which each individual can contribute its fullest potential and evolve independently. At the same time we make a point to link the individual activity to overall objectives and thus create holistic benefits for the individual, the team, the management and the entire organisation.

Success factors for our consulting services, we extract both from our many years of practical experience, as well as different theoretical models. Particularly influential at that is the idea of holism. Thus, the concept of the five dimensions of a learning organisation is to be found in our name. Reflections on "Alignment" motivate us to always consider the fit of our proposals to vision and strategy, existing instruments and traditions in your company. "Talent Management" we understand as a central factor influencing the success of an organisation closely linked to the corporate culture and thus anchored in all personnel-related processes. "Service Management" describes customer satisfaction as a moderating factor between employee satisfaction and business success and thus brings important perspectives into focus.