Analysis of Survey Results

Focusing on your project targets and the initial question meta | five offers consulting comprising the analysis, processing and reporting of the survey results.

The sets of all meta | five survey reports are consistently geared to sustainable value, based on many years of project experience: a comprehensible, clear structure and high-quality graphical processing are guarantors for intuitive comprehensibility. This makes further work with the results in terms of a valid basis for deriving targeted conclusions and follow-up measures easy.

The content of the result reports is flexible with regards to the targets of your survey, such as:


  • The weighted matching of items to thematic indices. The use of proven indicators from the meta | five item pool (e.g. commitment, satisfaction or leadership) is possible as well as the development of customized indexes.
  • The integration of significant benchmarks, e.g. for the identification of internal fields of action or the structured acquisition of development progress.


Automated result reports

The use of the online survey platform meta | survey allows the prompt availability of automated results reports for each defined evaluation unit. The underlying evaluation logic enables the detailed mapping of complex organisational structures, so that even large amounts of specific individual reports are available within the shortest possible time.


Tailored additional analyzes

If demanded, the meta | five survey experts advice and support you concerning specific detail analyses. Looking at the information needs of different target groups within your organisation different evaluation options are possible, such as:

  • In-depth statistical methods (eg, driver, factor or cluster analysis) to detect non-obvious relationships in your data set.
  • Management summaries for the compressed display of the most important indicators
  • Verbalized and completely annotated reports

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Sixt Leasing SE, Director Human Resource

HORBACH Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH, Sales Management

Efficient distribution of earnings reports

The password-protected distribution of result reports can also be realized via the survey platform meta | survey. meta | five will be happy to offer a reporting concept fitting to your demands and expectations that ensures a prompt distribution for all relevant stakeholders.


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Accurate mapping of your organisational structure as an evaluation basis
  • Requirement appropriate specification of data analyses and processing
  • Integration of indexis
  • Use of meaningful benchmarks
  • Display of qualitative results (e.g. content categorization of open answers)
  • Practice-related use of multivariate analysis methods
  • Password-protected distribution of reports
  • Interpretation of your survey results
  • Target group specific presentation of results