Management Audit

The main focus of a Management Audit is the interaction of the members of a management team. In view of a single manager or the whole team, existing strengths and potential for improvement are determined and tailored measures derived. This is particularly important in the context of restaffing and restructuring of teams. Yet, also in the case of drastic changes in the company's situation, Management Audit promotes a rapid functioning of the team and a common focus on the upcoming challenges.


A Management Audit for a single person revolves around their individual strengths and development opportunities. Their potential is assessed through a mixture of diagnostic tools, such as simulation-exercises, personality questionnaires or validation-interviews. The comparison to specific requirements, e.g. in terms of the meta | five leadership roles, provides insight concerning a strength-oriented assignment. If necessary these first results can be purposefully complemented through additional diagnostic tools (e.g. Interviews with peers, workshops or 360° Feedbacks).

In order to maximise the impact of a Management Audit, all managers of a team should be included. The consolidation of individual results into a management-portfolio provides an overview on the current competence level in a team as well as shared and complementary strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, targeted development measures can be derived, as well as decisions regarding the most effective allocation of responsibilities and the definition of interfaces.

All the while, meta | five documents both the individual and the overall results in a comprehensive and targeted way and designs effective follow-up measures in consultation with you that guarantee sustainable efficiency of the Audit.

„[...] garantieren unsere Partner bei meta | five Geradlinigkeit und Alignment durch die konsequente Ausrichtung ihrer Beratung und Instrumente an unseren Zielen und Modellen […].“

DAK-Gesundheit, Management und Personalförderung

„...das initiale Audit mit meta | five war dabei ein wichtiger Impuls, in dem wir die Anforderungs-Kriterien und die erfolgskritischen Situationen in einem Workshop gemeinsam definiert haben...“

Papierfabriken Julius Schulte Söhne GmbH & Co. KG und Julius Schulte Trebsen GmbH & Co. KG, Geschäftsleitung

„... mit profunder Expertise haben die Berater unser Rekrutierungsteam partnerschaftlich ergänzt und den Prozess der Entscheidungsfindung maßgeblich erleichtert..."