meta | competencies

As a competency dictionary, meta | competencies represents an ideal basis for the development of specific competence models and competence-based instruments.

The set of cards includes 19 competencies that have been identified in long-term practical experience as well as by scientific evidence to be particularly critical to success. Each of the skills is assigned to a cluster analog the five disciplines of a learning organization by Peter M. Senge and defined in terms of specific behavioral examples. It describes the contribution that each member makes to an organization to create a learning organization. The clusters illustrate the reference and application framework of competences and promote a common understanding. Thus, the competence "willingness to learn" belongs to the cluster "Personal Mastery", as it involves behaviors that describe how a person drives his own development.

Overall meta | competencies offers a good overview of the range of relevant skills and allows a targeted selection of those that are particularly relevant to a specific question. So it makes working with the complex issue in internal and external processes easier to handle.

As part of the development a company-specific competency model, meta | competencies can be used to ensure a common basis for discussion with involvement of different stakeholders. It creates a uniform starting point for the discussion and is increasing both the efficiency of the process and ensures quality of the model. For this purpose, you can purchase the card pack as a stand – alone tool, can train internal staff in its use, or can be advise and accompanied in the entire process by meta | five.

Further meta | competencies can support the efficient implementation of competency-based instruments. Thus, the best practice 360-degree feedback, with its questionnaire based on meta | based competencies can be tailored precisely and with minimal effort on specific issues, as well as individual assessments, in which the individual requirements based on meta | competencies be measured.