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Online Solutions - Agile Features

meta | 360 offers you a wide range of features and functions to design feedback processes in a needs-based, individual and agile way - from flexible configuration at organisational and project-specific level to the mapping of individual process requirements.
They thus give managers the opportunity to tailor their feedback process to their own needs and framework conditions and strengthen content fit, process ownership and commitment. 


The Self-Start Dialogue enables managers to initiate their feedback process independently. Managers determine the timing of the feedback themselves - e.g. with regard to the current relevance of the content or the workload and time availability of the participants. Participant feedback-giver perspectives as well as questionnaire dimensions to be queried are also individually selected - in line with the personal work reality. For example, a sales manager can also ask external customers and include the topic of "customer orientation". In order to focus on individual development topics, the manager can, in addition to selecting predefined topics from a stored question catalogue, also integrate questions formulated by him/herself into his/her feedback.



The design of the feedback report can also be determined individually by the manager. Feedback-giver perspectives, topics of the questionnaire or open answers - depending on the follow-up situation (e.g. discussion with the supervisor, workshop with the team, ...), the manager can define the content to be shared on an occasion-related basis.


The manager books his/her follow-up feedback session with a coach directly online via the appointment setting dialogue. After selecting one of the appointment options stored by coaches, both receive a confirmation e-mail, including all relevant information and calendar entry. This allows a quick and coordinated start to the content-related follow-up of the feedback.

Follow-up steps carried out (such as feedback discussions or feedback rounds) as well as the manager's own development plan and derived measures are documented online by the manager - this creates an overview of the manager's own follow-up process and enables internal HR, for example, to monitor it across the board. The achievement of one's own development goals can be evaluated via an individualised and automated follow-up survey, thus supporting the manager in his or her sustainable development.