Team Development

Team Development with meta | five focuses on the preconditions for efficient cooperation: the knowledge of the own abilities and those of team colleagues, a clear, common understanding of the target and common commitment for team rules. It is the aim to develop those components within the team development process.


Hence, team development with meta | five always starts with analysing the current situation –optionally supported with our online tool team360. Within our consultation process, we do not provide standardised interactional- and organisational patterns, but include the team in the design of its own and unique collaboration.

Based on the analysis we, together with team and team leader, define the areas of development and next steps to address these areas.  Key focus is the sustainable transfer of the findings into everyday working reality, which for instance can be achieved through joint transfer tasks.

Ruhrverband, Public Corporation, Board of Management & Human Resource Management

OSTHAVEN GmbH, Managing Partner

The goal of a team development process is always the creation of a common team identity, which is supported and lived by all members. meta | five reinforces the self-development resources and the self-responsibility of the team for the time after the team development. Appreciation and acknowledgement of the status quo are here our fundamental drivers.

Team Developments of meta | five supports and encourages every team. It is especially beneficial for recently formed teams, teams with new leaders or existing teams with current conflicts or in change processes.


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Conception and implementation of team workshops
  • Team coachings
  • team360 – questionnaire for the analysis of the status quo
  • Conception and support of team development
  • Coaching of team leaders
  • Moderation of team meetings
  • Evaluation of status quo