An organisation’s vision reflects its overarching goal. It therefore provides the basis for the alignment of all activities within the organisation. The corporate strategy defines the company’s concrete line of action and determines how it will position itself within the market.

A transparent and comprehensible corporate vision and strategy provide orientation for all employees within the organisation, set behavioural standards and shape the corporate culture. For this, establishing a coherent and common understanding across all hierarchical levels and business units is prerequisite. To furthermore attain the general willingness to actively contribute to the overarching goals of the organisation, it is vital to not only communicate the vision and strategy but make them come alive in daily business.

By consistently incorporating them in instruments supporting the corporate strategy, they can become an integral part of the employees’ daily routine and thus increase in presence and relevance. At the same time, each individual employee will realise in what way they contribute to the overarching objectives. Furthermore, it will initiate and enhance a meaningful and purposeful dialogue – both top-down and bottom-up.

HR tools play a particularly important role in this. Performance appraisals, the recruitment of new personnel or the development of existing employees have a high communicative impact as well as significant influence on the achievement of strategic goals. Thus, when implementing and renewing such instruments, it is essential to bear in mind dialogical mechanisms regarding objectives and the reflection on goal attainment. That way, employees’ identification with and contribution to the organisation’s vision and strategy can constructively be shaped.


Benefit for the Organisation

The activities of all entities within an organisation are aligned with a common vision. That way, goal conflicts are minimised, synergies generated and the overall efficiency and effectivity of the company increased.

Benefit for the Management

The communication of the corporate vision and strategy is facilitated by consistently embedding them in tools and instruments. Furthermore, this constitutes an effective feedback mechanism for the management.

Benefit for the Team and the Individual

Transparently and specificly dealing with the corporate vision and strategy as well as their consequences provides orientation for both teams and employees. In addition to that, it illustrates the value of each employee’s individual work and contribution and enhances identification with the overall organisational goals.

„In der Vision eines Unternehmens spiegelt sich das Ziel wider, das gemeinsam erreicht werden soll...“


„10 Jahre nach seiner Gründung beschloss Loyalty Partner, die Dynamik der Startup-Phase durch systematisierte Personalentwicklung aufrechtzuerhalten...“

Alignment bei der Loyalty Partner GmbH

„...garantieren unsere Partner bei meta | five Geradlinigkeit und Alignment durch die konsequente Ausrichtung ihrer Beratung und Instrumente an unseren Zielen und Modellen...“

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