Online Solutions

meta | 360

The agile online solution for your feedback projects

With meta | 360 meta | five provides an online platform for the efficient realisation and cross-process support of feedback projects. By using meta | 360 the feedback process is lean and reduced to a cost minimum. At the same time, the instrument’s open architecture guarantees maximum freedom in content design and flexible adaptation to organisational and project specific requirements.


The possibility of a flexible process design is one of the outstanding features of meta | 360. Extensive design possibilities facilitate an efficient and custom-fit conduction of a feedback project of all sizes and forms: Reaching from individual feedback via best practice account over self-organized feedback processes (self-start function) to multinational 360 degree feedback projects with thousands of participants. Various features allow a custom-fit design of processes:

  • Efficient use of best practice examples and individual workflows
  • Flexible survey design (topics and questions free to define)
  • Individual customizing of text elements (e-mails, tool texts, report)
  • Adjustment of tool and results report to the corporate design
  • Individual definition of feedback provider perspective and its characteristics
  • Variable scenarios of nominating feedback provider
  • Intelligent email invitation and reminder management
  • Use of follow-up modules in the course of planning, monitoring and evaluating individual follow-up steps


meta | 360 presents feedback results in a comprehensible and clear way. meta | 360  enables an automated thus immediate generation of individual feedback reports. With particular focus on a transparent and easy to understand utilisation of the feedback results meta | 360 offers a variety of different evaluation options as well as a best-practice report setup.

In addition to individual reports meta | 360 as well provides the opportunity to generate overall or department-specific reports - aligned to your needs and your organisational structure. This way you receive a portfolio of your leadership team with a focus on overall strengths and areas of development.


meta | 360 acts in all critical steps of your feedback project as a comprehensive interaction platform - starting with the initial communication to the actual feedback collection and report distribution, through to the support of follow-up steps. Through an individual role-rights-concept internal process supporters (such as administrators or HR business partners) are able to engage in the process according to their area of responsibility via the online platform.



The use of meta | 360 demands no special technical requirements. All advantages of the instrument are accessible without any restrictions through internet access – including mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

A clear system surface and self- descriptive icons guarantee a high level of intuitive user guidance. Moreover, the tool is fully accesible (suitable for screen readers and controllable via tab navigation). In case you still have questions, one of our experts is happy to help via our meta | five Support Hotline.

Furthermore, the meta | five data protection concept guarantees the highest level of data security and anonymity to feedback providers. The outstanding usability of meta | 360 is guaranteed through a clear system interface, self-explanatory icons and automated logins via ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services).

  • Holistic approach to counselling and accompaniment
  • Adjustment of the online platform to your requirements
  • Mapping of hierarchy trees and organisational structures
  • Full-Service-Administration of the process
  • Virtual training of internal process administrators
  • Support-Hotline for feedback participants
  • Creation of divisional and overall reports
  • Support / facilitation of follow-up steps
  • Coupling of feedback and other survey projects