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meta | survey

The online platform for carrying out systematic surveys

meta | survey is meta | five's online solution for the efficient implementation of systematic survey projects. The platform is fully developed in-house and consistently focused on a flexible process design. From a classic employee survey for small and middle sized companies to multinational survey projects - the platform is designed to fit your demands. Besides mere data collection meta | survey furthermore acts as a process interaction and communication platform.


The open tool architecture ensures maximum contentual design freedom and a flexible adaptation to organisational and project specific requirements. Thus, the mapping i.a. of a wide variety of survey designs, complex organisational structures and the consequent result-reporting via an immediate and automated generation of reports, are viable. The high degree of fitting ensures meta | survey utmost efficiency in setup and survey deduction. Depending on the degree of customisation the platform is ready-to-use in a minimum of time. Furthermore, other survey types such as the meta | five Ongoing survey or the meta | five Pulse-Check can be conducted via the platform.


meta | survey serves in all performance-related steps of your survey project as a cross-interaction platform - starting with the initial communication over the actual survey implementation and report distribution, to monitoring the follow-up steps. Through an individual role rights concept internal process supporters (such as administrators or HR business partner) are integrated and can perform tasks according to your area of responsibility via the online platform.


meta | survey is consistently focused on user-friendliness and data security - the two key success factors for a high willingness to participate. Moreover, the tool is fully accesible (suitable for screen readers and controllable via tab navigation). 

The meta | five data protection concept guarantees the highest level of data security and anonymity for all participants.The outstanding usability of meta | 360 is ensured by a clear system interface, self-explanatory icons and automated logins via ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). If, however, participants or process supporters face any questions in using the online platform, the experts of meta | five will be reachable through a Support Hotline.


„...Mit meta | five haben wir einen erfahrenen Partner gefunden, der uns sowohl inhaltlich als auch technisch in der professionellen Durchführung unserer weltweiten Kundenbefragung unterstützt...“

SENVION Holding GmbH, Corporate Strategy & Business Development

„...In der gemeinsamen Zusammenarbeit schätzen wir besonders die kompetente und proaktive Beratung sowie die schnelle und flexible technische Umsetzung. So konnten wir gemeinsam einen Prozess implementieren, der genau unseren Anforderungen entspricht...“

Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH, Geschäftsführung

„...Durch die Integration der Daten aus vorherigen Mitarbeiterbefragungen in die bereichsspezifischen Auswertungen, können die Entwicklungen in der Organisation transparent gemacht werden und wichtige Erkenntnisse für das gesamte Unternehmen erlangt werden..."

abcfinance GmbH, Personalleitung