Employee Survey

In meta | five’s understanding employee surveys are more than an established instrument for organisation diagnosis from the inside. If professionally implemented employee surveys support long-lasting corporate success in the sense of a reciprocal active dialogue. Triggered from within the organisation as a structured survey, the dialogue is continued by responses from employees. Strengths and development areas identified this way are reflected to the employees. Finally, this dialogue leads to collective initiation and implementation of change processes in the sense of continual organizational development.




Following the systemic approach, this dialogue comprises also the company-specific selection of survey topics. Such as questions concerning….

  • … the organisation, g. regarding strategy, employer branding and digital readiness
  • …the specific work environment, e.g. regarding perceived agility, cooperation or leadership culture
  • … the employees´ mindsets, g. regarding engagement, customer orientation or willingness to change


On the basis of years of experience in national and international survey projects for companies as well as corporate groups from various sectors, we align our actions using the following key elements:

  • Process transparency- through consistent alignment of the project steps towards the common goal definition and precise communication and information of all people concerned before, during and after the survey implementation.
  • Commitment - through the timely integration of important key figures as well as the user-friendly, implementation via the online platform
  • Sustainability - through the valid measurement of the survey content and the timely reporting of professionally analysed results. Based on this: Derivation, implementation and controlling of target-oriented follow-up and change measures.

Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH, Human Resource Development

Jobcenter Kreis Pinneberg, Management Office

Assembly Systems, Director Human Resources

The concrete implementation of your survey project is aligned with your core question, objectives and target group: reaching from company-wide full surveys of all employees over implementing repetitive short surveys supporting organizational development processes to continuous evaluation of existing programmes and measures by a closely defined circle of participants.


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Analysis of customer needs prior to the project start
  • Target-oriented project- and process design as well as appropriateproject management
  • Development / design / review of questionnaires on the basis of psychometric criteria
  • Design and implementation of accompanying communication processes
  • GDPR-compliant collection of answers and evaluation of survey results with the in-house developed tool meta | survey
  • Planning and support in strategic communication of results
  • Tailored design and support of target-oriented follow-up steps, virtual or in person
  • Securing sustainability using various monitoring and controlling instruments
  • Securing implementation commitment using tailored communication on progress
  • Alignment of the process with other instruments of human resource and organisational development