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Pulse Check

meta | five Pulse Check is the survey instrument to accompany your organisational development processes. Through repetitive short surveys current employee mood concerning the change progress can be captured. Results form the basis for prompt action in order to align the process precisely to your goals.

Pulse Check surveys with meta | five are primarily designed for a resource-saving implementation of repetitive short surveys. Besides efficient implementation this comprises the preparation and provision of results: As a basis of a differentiated, online-based report distribution, Pulse Check allows a precise mapping of various organisational forms such as matrix or line organisations. In this course each defined evaluation unit - whether division, department or team - receives it’s specific results report instantly and directly after the end of the survey. This enables prompt identification of challenges within the change process and the consequent derivation of recommendations for action to achieve the intended project objective on all levels.

The Pulse Check result report is optimised for an implementation-oriented use in any evaluation unit: Key statistical indicators are displayed concisely and clearly in graphic form. Relevant internal benchmarks allow the corporate or departmental identification of strategic activity fields and success factors related to your organisational development process. In order to reveal trends within the process comparative values accumulated from previous performed Pulse Check surveys are also included.


Via Pulse Check and indices from meta | five we offer in-depth insight in your organisation. Analyse the Status Quo of your company concerning topics such as Digital readiness, Agility or Employee Engagement in your organisation and set the start point for a development of the entire organisation, within single departments or teams. Via derived measures and repeated implementation of specific short surveys we accompany you using

  • content wise valid indices on the basis of a maximal number of 15 items
  • comparative analysis of single groups or organizational units
  • derivation of measures on organisational and team level


For maximum flexibility Pulse Check is based on the platform meta | survey. This provides you with a variety of design and customization options paired with the established meta | five data protection concept for the success of your project.


The Pulse Check as a versatile survey instrument supports your change management in the course of different change processes such as:

  • Strategic realignments
  • Digital transformations
  • Development of new business areas
  • Mergers