Selection Assessment

Within the scope of a Selection Assessment the suitability of an (internal or external) candidate for a specific position is diagnosed. Based on systematic behavioural observations, the tool offers maximum predictive accuracy regarding the fit of person and position, since the soft skills of the applicant are assessed via simulations of success-critical situations that mirror the challenges of the target position.


An individual combination of different simulations (e.g. dialogues, meetings, presentations) and additional diagnostic tools (e.g. Interviews, Personality and Ability Tests) provides an optimal basis for the observers to generate a holistic picture of the personal fit of the candidate as well as their strengths and weaknesses profile in view of the aspired position. At the same time, the candidate has the opportunity to experience the organisation’s expectations at first hand and to get a clear picture of the challenges linked to the target position. Thus, both parties obtain a sound basis for the decision making process and the risk of misplacements is minimized.

meta | five would be pleased to conduct your Selection Assessments for you professionally and to express clear recommendations regarding the candidate’s suitability to your requirements afterwards. At that, the participation of internal observers is well possible. Hence, relevant stakeholders may be integrated into the selection process. As a result, the acceptance of the assessment as well as the resulting placement decision can be increased.

A conclusive documentation and Development Reports for hired candidates further support their efficient onboarding and targeted development.

„Das Auswahlverfahren für Trainees bei LANXESS."

Optimierte Auswahlverfahren: „Eignung bestimmen, Akzeptanz sichern“

„...Die Berater haben uns optimal dabei unterstützt, ein auf die Zielgruppe zugeschnittenes, innovatives neues Auswahlformat mit Fokus auf Lernmöglichkeiten und Live-Feedback zu entwickeln...“

Beiersdorf AG, Strategic Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

„Die Methode der Verhaltensbeobachtung als Grundlage für die Erfassung von Stärken und Entwicklungsbedarfen ist in allen Branchen längst Bestandteil einer professionellen Personalauswahl und –entwicklung.“

Eignungs- und Potentialdiagnostik mit Assessment Centern