Coaching with meta | five is based on the assumption that everyone possesses the resources and potentials to solve their problems. Yet, for unfolding them, external impulses and reflection are needed. Coaching is an accompanied process to solve questions concerning the work environment. The coachee decides the topic and the target, whereas the coach has the role to support the self-reflection, for instance through a change of perspective. In this way, he is structuring and leading the problem-solving process.


Precondition for this process is a confidential setting, as well as the coach’s appreciation of the coachee and his topics. Coach and coachee conclude a coaching contract in which general conditions are set. Here, scope, aims and the involvement of the superior, e.g. in a briefing to clarify the scope, are documented.

Both scope and content are strictly based on the coachees concerns. Since meta | five is also aiming for continuous improvement, we are evaluating the coachee's satisfaction, transfer and the process together with the coachee.

The target group of coaching by meta | five are mainly executives, high potentials, teams and people with the desire for professional change and career orientation. The topics are diverse and multidisciplinary, therefore meta | five coaches work individually and customer-oriented with various tools and methods. Meta | five coaches are thinking systematically and do not perceive themselves as experts of the coachee’s topic. Nevertheless, they are experts of the coaching process and see themselves as an external mirror that views the coachee in his system and in his different roles. This external view is holistic, which may mean that it includes private areas as well.

All coaches have longstanding experience as coach, consultant in leadership development and/or leadership experience, possess methodological and social competence and have a coaching qualification. meta| five coaches work both in German and English as well as online and in face-to-face meetings and see themselves as problem- and future oriented companion on the coachee’s journey to his aim.

„Die Coachings von meta | five haben zur Steigerung der persönlichen Präsentationskompetenz sowie einer größeren Selbstsicherheit bei den Doktoranden der TU Dresden und des King’s College London beigetragen.“

Technische Universität Dresden – Medizinische Fakultät Carl Gustav Carus, Referat Forschung

„…über fünf Zeitzonen und zwei Kontinente hinweg in persönlichen und prozessorientierten Sitzungen eine besondere Tiefenschärfe auf mein Selbstverständnis als Führungskraft zu erarbeiten und dabei praxisorientierte Schritte zu entwickeln die sofort in meinen Arbeitsalltag übertragbar waren.“

Deutsche Schule Seoul International – Leiter des Auslandkindergartens

„Unser Newsletter gibt Ihnen Einblicke, wie Personal Mastery in Trainings und Workshops gefördert werden kann und welche Erfahrungen wir und unsere Kunden dabei gesammelt haben."

Coaching in Umbruchsituationen