Talent Management

The sustainable success of an organisation is based on the contribution of the employee. Accordingly, it is important to create an environment in which these skills and potentials, talents, can contribute and develop in accordance with the organisation's goals. Talent Management ensures this in a sustainable way.The starting point for consultation by meta | five is the organisational strategy which is used to derive the requirements which are needed for the future. The selection and design of instruments according to the specific needs, as well as their consistent focus on organisational goals  can have a significant and purposeful influence on the culture.

Talent Management with meta | five can either be a complete new design of a process that combines different tools or the use of instruments which can be embedded in your existing process.To ensure that the consultation fits the objectives and the current situation, we always start with a comprehensive analysis of the existing landscape. At the same time, it makes sense to align the process towards the lifecycle of an employee. Specifically in relation to the implementation of the strategy and is critical phases.  (e.g. recruiting, onboarding, employee development).

A decisive, culture-specific success factor for sustainable talent management is the relevance that is given to the subject in the overall organisation. Therefore attaches meta | five special attention to the integration of different stakeholders in the design of the process with the aim to increase the acceptance of the process. Of particular value is talent management, if it not only applies to the entire staff, but will be equally practiced by all managers as part of daily leadership. Therefore meta | five not only consults in the design of the process but also implements appropriate tools.

SMA Solar Technology AG, Human Resource Development

Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG, Global Talent & Development

Ruhrverband KödR, Executive Board & Human Resources Management

MAN Energy Solutions SE, Management Processes & Development (HGMD)


Benefits for the company
Longerterm the company benefits from the retention of high performers and saces recrutiment costs. At the same time talent management is a key competitive advantage  which can be used for external employer branding.

Benefits for the management
Talent management supports leaders in the development of their employees, by giving them the possibility to discuss career perspectives. This simultaneously promotes the leadership culture, in case managers have an active role in the process.

Benefits for the team
Cross-divisional talent management, for example, in development programs promotes networking between teams. Targeted onboarding of employees as well accelerates the integration into existing teams.

Benefits for the individual
Talent Management provides the individual employee the opportunity for targeted development. Simultaneously, the process opens up career perspectives within the company.


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Holistic process consultation
  • Implementation of a talent management process
  • Consultation on communication of talent management systems
  • Introduction of tools for the identification and development of talents
  • Design and implementation of development programs
  • Evaluation of existing Talent Management Processes