Guiding Principles

Guiding principles clarify twocentralquestionsof a company: "Who are we?" and"Where do we want to go?".On one hand they provide clarity on the identity,values​​, uniqueness and mission of the company. On the other hand it defines the ideal state of the future. To achieve this, themost importantcompanyprinciples, visionsand objectives and theway to get there are summarized.

With meta | five the development of guiding principles is far more than the production of a printed glossy paper brochure. Through a wide and active participation of organization members in the discussion about the mission, values ​​and vision of the company, the development itself can make a significant contribution to the development of a corporate identity.

The consultation process is based on the use of available internal resources and is completed by a process and content consulting.  As a result of an intensive objective setting and project planning phase, we create a flexible schedule with feedback loops and the integration of a "top down" - and "bottom up" – approach to set up guiding principles.

For this purpose, usually a steering committee and a project group are installed. The project group gathers in this framework, bottom-up, for example in (virtual) visionary workshops, working groups and surveys the operationalization and wishes of the members of the organization and formulates the guiding principles in close exchange with the steering committee. Specifically, this means that the normative level of the company, i.e. the vision and values, ​​will be transferred to a strategic level, to provide orientation within the organisation.

The advice provided by meta | five goes further and helps you to communicate the principles and substantiate them in operational tools such as 360 ° feedback or Development Center.

Guiding principles provide the basis for strategic decisions and plans of the company. Through the development process, they become a medium of communication among members of the organization and thus serves the development of a corporate identity, the basis for internal and external employer branding.


Benefits for the company
Guiding principles provide a guideline for the strategic decisions and plans of a company. They can support employer branding and help to recruit employees

Benefits for the management
Guiding principles provide a basis actions based on a common understanding. At the same criteria for employee feedback on own leadership behavior are defined.

Benefits for the team
Guiding principles serve as a code of conduct for dealing with each other. They can be used to derive criteria for the feedback on the team as well as a direction for the continued development of teams.

Benefits for the individual
Guiding principles provide clarity for each member of the organization about the purpose of the company. If employees are involved in the development, it increases the identification with the company and satisfaction with their own task.


„...führte bei uns zu einer umfangreichen Aus­einander­setzung der Füh­rungs­kräfte und Mitarbei­ter mit unseren Leitlinien. Erwartungen und Möglich­keiten sind nun so klar kommuniziert, dass die Zus­ammenarbeit einen positiven Impuls bekom­men hat...“

Brenntag GmbH, Abteilung Personal

„...Die Zusammenarbeit mit meta | five war so erfolgreich, dass wir nun gemeinsam den Gesamtbereich systematisch weiterentwickeln. In einem kontinuierlichen Prozess...“

Biotest AG, Human Ressources

„...Der Vorschlag von meta | five, jeder Hierarchie-Ebene ein spezifisches Angebot zu unterbreiten, hat unserem Vorstand ermöglicht das Thema strategisch zu betrachten..."