Assessment Center Method

Foundation of all tools based on the Assessment Center method is the concept of behavioural observation. For the behaviour a person shows in a specific situation offers a reliable prediction of their behaviour in comparable situations.

Through the realistic simulation of working situations critical to success, the Assessment Center method allows for an apt diagnosis of related strengths and weaknesses of a person. Thus, especially social, methodical and personal competencies can be predicted more reliably than by other diagnostic tools. By precisely defining relevant behaviour in terms of criteria, and having it rated independently by several observers with different backgrounds, an objectified assessment is ensured.

In the process meta | five fosters an effective cooperation, based on partnership in the observer team as well as a fair and well balanced treatment of the candidates. Those guidelines make sure, that national as well as international Assessments, even in groups of participants with mixed nationalities, are perceived as positive and deliver reliable results.

In order to always guarantee validity and acceptance of their assessments, meta | five only deploys consultants with a psychological background, ascertains current quality standards corresponding DIN 33430 and ISO 10667 and creates scenarios and role-plays as close to reality as possible.

When designing a tool based on the Assessment Center method, meta | five always looks to its goal, the requirements and framework conditions that are posed to the target group. Taking that as a starting point there are many diverse variants content wise: Background scenarios from different industries, kinds of exercises like case studies or imulations of various meetings or dialogues, as well as supplemental elements like Interviews and Test. At the same time the procedure is adequately adapted to your requirements: from flexibly applied Individual Assessments for specific target groups, to the Peripety Assessment ® with its great freedom for decision makers, through to Group Assessments on site with room for networking and shared learning experiences in workshop-sessions.

According to the goal the result of an Assessment can comprise many facets: from sheer suitability diagnostics in a selection assessment, to potential diagnostics and the prediction of learning potential, to initiating targeted individual development and deriving a sound decision-making basis for suitable measures, to a diagnostically backed recommendation or self-directed orientation regarding career-preferences, through to an enhanced self-reflection and the expansion of the own behavioural repertoire.


„Präsenzveranstaltung Assessment Center – Was, wenn alle Beteiligten im Home-Office sind?"

Virtuelle Durchführung von Förder-Assessments mit der persona service AG & Co. KG

...unsere Development Center virtualisiert und sind begeistert von der Qualität der Ergebnisse sowie der Akzeptanz bei allen Beteiligten.“

Sanacorp Pharmahandel GmbH, Leitung Personalentwicklung

„...So werden die Anforderungen an beidhändiges Führen, Veränderungen in der angestrebten Führungsrolle in einer (teil)agilen Organisation und die persönlichen Herausforderungen spürbar gemacht und der Grundstein für eine zielgerichtete Weiterentwicklung unserer Führungskräfte gelegt...“

SOKA-BAU, Abteilungsleiterin Personalforschung und -entwicklung

What meta | five can do for you:

  • Alignment of the Assessments to your goals
  • Consulting for the implementation and integration of the Assessments into your organisation
  • Gathering of your requirements and translation into criteria
  • Tailoring of simulation exercises to your requirements
  • Provision and adaption of field-tried exercise-sets
  • Design as virtual, hybrid or on-site event Qualification of internals involved
  • Organisation and moderation of the Assessments
  • Individual and overall evaluation of the results
  • Development reports
  • Moderation of development discussions and follow-up measures
  • Quality assurance and evaluation