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Feedback Follow-Up

The follow-up of feedback projects is a crucial element of a sustainable process. Practical experience has shown that while the success of feedback instruments builds on a custom-fit preparation and an efficient implementation, the sustainable establishment of the instrument is significantly influenced by the post-processing of collected feedback. Key elements in this course can be feedback dialogues, feedback sessions with feedback providers, derivation and documentation of individual action plans or review surveys. However: The sum of all possible elements is not necessarily the one and only way to success. The overall objective, the experience of the participants as well as the corporate structure and culture are dedicated factors that are to be considered for an effective follow-up process on individual and organisational levels.

FEEDBACK DIALOGUE The feedback dialogue usually represents the start of the follow-up process. In a confidential setting – virtual or in person - feedback recipients have the chance to discuss and analyse received feedback constructively together with an experienced dialogue partner. Beyond the goal of deriving individual development potentials and measures, the preparation of further follow-up steps to support the sustainable use of results is possible. Practical experience has shown, that virtual settings are just as accepted, trustful and targeted as settings in person. In addition to the individual benefit, comprehensive qualitative evaluation of the feedback dialogues enables the deduction of organisational development fields. meta | five will be happy to consult and accompany your organisation from the contentual and procedural design to the implementation of this first step.

FEEDBACK SESSIONS Feedback is a process in which at first glance, the focus lies on the feedback recipients. But receiving feedback always demands close involvement of those providing it: the very own working partners. Regarding sustainable processes this involvement yet reaches beyond the delivery of feedback – identified, individual development areas mostly concern the collaboration with the respective feedback providers. A feedback-session with selected feedback provider groups thus means not only appreciation for their participation. It is also an important element for the sustainable development of the focus persons as feedback providers (groups) e.g. are actively involved in the individual development process.


Besides substantive work associated with feedback results the documentation of derived measures largely influences the sustainable usage of feedback tools. meta | 360 provides the opportunity to accompany the entire follow-up process online in a resource-saving way. The feature for appointment scheduling of the online tool, for example, helps to efficiently coordinate feedback debriefs. With this, feedback receivers are able to choose debrief appointments themselves – this includes sending calendar entries to feedback partners and respective dialogue partners, like a coach. Furthermore, the online tool supports follow-up steps such as feedback debriefs, surveys, etc. via monitoring and documentation functions. This way feedback recipients, for example, can individually store results of feedback dialogues in the form of development plans in a safe place or team members can collectively store their measures developed in a joint workshop. Moreover, documents can be stored centrally and directly and safely shared with respective contact people or further stakeholders.


REVIEW SURVEY The feedback process is completed, individual development fields and corresponding measures were derived -so what? A typical cycle for the repetition of feedback surveys is 2 years. But what happens in the meantime? This is where review surveys come into play: In the form of short surveys, feedback recipients gain medium term support in their autonomous development management: Feedback providers are in this course encouraged to assess the perceived development of those in focus on a unified or specific short questionnaire.  On the basis of years of experience and expertise in national and international projects meta | five will be happy to support  you in the design and implementation of a custom-fit follow-up process.

„...Darüber hinaus haben wir die HR Expertise von meta | five zur Ausbildung unserer internen Debrief-Coaches genutzt und „Train the Trainer Workshops“ designed sowie Video-Rollenspiele zum Lernen gestaltet.“

OMV AG, Leadership Development

„Beim gemeinsamen Brainstorming zur Förderung der Nachhaltigkeit ist die Idee entstanden, eine Follow-up Befragung zum Abschluss des Prozesses einzuführen. Somit haben wir einen ganzheitlichen Prozess als wichtigen Bestandteil unserer Führungskräfte- und Organisationsentwicklung etabliert.“

KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, Global Talent Management

Mit einer klaren, übergreifenden Vision von erfolgreicher Führung im gesamten Unternehmen entwickelte H.C. Starck gemeinsam mit mehr als 30 Führungskräften des oberen Managements Führungsleitlinien..."

Leadership Feedback bei der H.C. Starck GmbH