Development Programmes

Development Programmes are designed for the systematic development of a certain group of employees in terms of a superordinate, entrepreneurial and relevant target. This could be the specific preparation of high potentials within a succession planning process as well as the strengthening of existing competencies or the improvement of feedback competencies for all managers, or many other topics, depending on the situation and needs of your organisation.


Central for the success of the programme is a clearly defined objective, since this is crucial for the definition of content and supporting conditions. Accordingly, meta | five consults holistically and individually, always starting from the objective you are pursuing with your development programme. Therefore, we analyse together with you, conditions and circumstances in your organisation and consider various options in order to develop a programme that suits you, is linked to your success and promotes changes in the right places. This way, we review and define all relevant parts, starting from the nomination- or selection process, the methods to derive individual learning objectives, the concrete development measures as well as the supporting communication and evaluation.

To truly maximize the effect and sustainability of the programme, all parts should be consistently interlinked with the daily work and relevant stakeholders, such as line managers, should be continuously involved.

For implementing the development programme, meta | five recommends to develop the individual responsibility of the participants to shape their own learning process. This fosters individual personalities, who use their strengths for the benefit of the organisation and continuously focus on their development as well as on the development of the organisation.

Meta | five follows a flexible approach and diverse methodology, which take individual needs and resources of the participants  as well as new findings that come up during the project into account and consistently aligns them towards the overall objective of the development programme.

„...Besonders hat uns gefallen, dass auch nach der CoVID-19-bedingten Umstellung auf ein virtuelles Format die Teilnehmer weiterhin persönlich begleitet wurden und der laufende Kontakt zu ihnen aufrecht erhalten blieb...“

Linde Material Handling GmbH, HR Development

„...sondern tragen mit dem Programm gleichzeitig auch zu unseren Zukunftsthemen und der kulturellen Weiterentwicklung der IHK bei...“

IHK München und Oberbayern, Personalentwicklung

„... auch in der virtuellen Durchführung hochwertigen Lernreisen unseren Mitarbeitenden weltweit wertvolle Impulse für deren eigenverantwortlich gesteuerte Weiterentwicklung..."

Uniper SE, Talent & Learning