Performance Management

Performance Management is a systematic management-process aligned with the corporate strategy and ensures that the company's people contribute to the achievement of the organisation. In this process, the organisation, the managers and the employees are managed by a repeating annual cycle of individual objective setting and performance assessment.


Meta | five provides holistic advice and develops, together with our customers, performance management processes that are precisely aligned to customer requirements and objectives. Our consulting expertise includes both consulting on the process and the implementation of your process using a online-based tool. The advice goes far beyond the mere process design: internal communication and the skills of all stakeholders which are needed in the implementation process are also key priorities. Through that, meta | five creates integrated solutions that are sustainable and flexible. Addressing the balancing act between process definition and implementation of the tool is the core competence and experience of meta | five. meta | five’s online solutions support processes according to the customer design.

The implementation of a performance management process is particularly suitable for all companies that are on a change course, want to set clear strategic priorities or would like to taken an influence on the Company culture. The key success factor within the introduction is to include all employees who need to live the process later in the implementation. With performance management, companies embark on a long-term process of change which positively influences the corporate performance as well as the management culture.

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Benefits for the company
A successful objective setting process controls the company through its strategic approach. It combines the activities of all business units and members on the overall goal. Changes can be driven rapidly in coordinated actions. Employees with objectives feel more connected towards their work and the company.

Benefits for the management
The management benefits through a different management style: a common understanding of the overall goal and responsibility for the implementation of measures, promote previously unexplored potentials. For supervisors the process displays a leadership tool and performance evaluation is made more simple and based on clear criteria.

Benefits for the team
Clear and aligned objectives for the team create more clarity about the strengths, potentials and challenges of their own work unit. The support for each other to achieve a common objective creates synergies and forms the basis for a common approach to success.

Benefits for the individual
Employees can more easily contribute their own ideas, thus increase their meaning of work and follow personal, relevant objectives. The link towards overall objectives and transparency about business priorities has a positive impact on the employee's bond with the company. Performance management through feedback ensures  an appreciation of their own performance.


What meta | five can do for you:

  • Holistic Process Consulting
  • Design of internal communication processes
  • Qualification of leaders and staff
  • Development programmes for HR Business Partners
  • Support of your process through our online solutions
  • Evaluation and adaptation of your existing process